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Impeccable Quality

Our strong commitment to maintaining flawless quality in our products Puf Panel Roofing Sheets, Puf Panel Sheets, Puf Roofing Sheets, Puf Sheets has been the sole reason behind our growing success. We have developed a fool-proof Quality Management System, under which our quality assurance procedure starts from the very stage of raw material procurement (like steel, aluminium, etc.) till the time the finished products are ready to be sent to the market for sale. Our innovation in production and quality analysis helps us in providing ever-enhancing range of products Puf Panel Roofing Sheets, Puf Panel Sheets, Puf Roofing Sheets, Puf Sheets, as well as manufactured according to client's desirable specifications.

Parameters of Quality Check

Some of the parameters that are stressed upon during the manufacturing of the HVAC systems are as follows:

  • Proper Sizing: To provide proper flow of air and meet room-by-room calculated heating and cooling loads
  • Well-sealed supply ductwork to provide correct airflow
  • Properly sealed return ductwork that will provide air flow to the fan and avoid polluted air from entering the HVAC system
  • Correct Static Pressure, etc.


It is our strong infrastructural base that has been instrumental in enabling us meet the rigors of manufacturing process. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is enriched with high-end machines that provide for a smooth and continuous manufacturing with the best output. Our set of cutting-edge machines and equipment is efficient in optimal performance and needs low maintenance, thus increasing the productivity and decreasing the production costs that directly benefiting the customers. Some of the machines that we make use of include:

  • Hydraulic Press Break Cutting & Bending Machines
  • Section Cutting Machines
  • Various Welding Machines
  • Various Hydraulic Presses
  • Dynamic Balancing Machines
  • Various lathe Machines
  • Compressors
  • Hacksaw Machines
  • Drill Machines, and many more.

Our engineers, quality control analysts, supervisors, among others, form the backbone of our company. They are always engaged in bringing forth novelty and perfection in each of our products like Puf Panel Roofing Sheets, Puf Panel Sheets, Puf Roofing Sheets, Puf Sheets. Their rich experience and sound technical knowledge have always worked to the best of our advantage, and have contributed immensely to the success of our company.

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